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Our Facilities

We are a modern and up to date practice and have invested heavily to offer state of the art services and specialised equipment to our patients, including:

SmallPaw  MMP - Surgery for Cruciate Disease/Rupture

Our Advanced Practitioner veterinary surgeon Laura can perform MMP (Modified Maquet Procedure) for dogs with cruciate disease/rupture. This procedure is performed with an aim to restore full athletic function (especially in larger dogs). This is by use of implanting a titanium wedge within the tibia to change the mechanics of the knee joint, thereby stabilising the joint. There are other forms of surgery for cruciate disease/rupture, however MMP surgery means that dogs can start 5 minute lead walks up to 6 times a day from the day after surgery! Some other forms of surgery for cruciate disease require strict rest. If you would like further information then please call the surgery. We can discuss the procedure, email further details about the procedure/after-care and discuss any questions you may have.

MMP X Ray 1 MMP X Ray 2 MMP X Ray 3 MMP X Ray 4 MMP X Ray 5


We have a dedicated diagnostic imaging suite which houses the high resolution digital X-ray system, our 6mm flexible endoscope, and the high-end ultrasound machine used for both ultrasound and echocardiography.


We have a high resolution digital X-Ray system with digital enhancement of images improving our diagnostic abilities. This benefits our patients because the images are processed quickly, minimising anaesthetic and sedation times.


We have recently invested in a MindRay ultrasound machine, allowing us to offer high quality ultrasound imaging. This also has doppler and colour-flow facilities. Ultrasound can often be carried out without sedation or anaesthesia.


Although a diagnosis of cancer is always serious and very frightening there has been much improvement in both quality of life and survival times that modern cancer treatments can offer. We administer chemotherapy in-house which means no long drives for you or your pet. It also means that you are dealing directly with us if you have any concerns.


We have a very well equipped operating theatre and excellent surgical skills in-house for routine, complex and emergency surgeries. The practice has an excellent reputation for orthopaedic surgery and is fully equipped to carry out a wide range of orthopaedic procedures.